,w-600,fo-auto/662641d264a7fa429e4147aa/media/ABH_SIRI_MICRO_BLK_SPR_1714225613411_fzl8xlt96vfqmfo.jpg__ABH Products

Sea Blue & Black Water Sprinkler Siri Micro Black




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Sea Blue & Black

Sea Blue & Black__ABH Products

Sea Blue & Black

Sea Blue & Black__ABH Products

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ABH Micro is a water Sprinkler used for Domestic purpose and also for Agriculture Purpose. The Water can be Sprinkled up to 20 Feet. The product should be Fixed in the middle of the Garden or the Area so that the water can be sprinkled. Sprinkler Irrigation is the method of applying water in a controlled manner in way similar to rainfall.Large plastic sprinklers which can replace most of the conventional metal sprinkler for all irrigation.The frame of the sprinklers also rotates along with rotar. Lead for Vegetable & Flowers in open field it can be kept on any height with the help of adaptor.

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ABH Products


Application : Vegetable & Flowers Vanilla & horticulture Crops


Diameter of spray : 20 feet diameter, Spray :Single side

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